Amanda Smith - Owner

Amanda LaShae Smith is a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist and Registered Certified Reflexologist, with additional certifications to be able to provide hot stone therapy, rock taping, reflexology techniques with essential oils, and cupping. She has almost 7 years of practice under her belt, and was looking into ways to better help the massage therapist field when the Nashville Academy of Reflexology came up for sale. She had recently graduated from NAR’s 200-hour certification program, so she took a dive and began the process to purchase the school. The final sale became official on March 27, 2023. 

Amanda is a graduate of York Institute, Roane State Community College with an Associates of Science Degree, and Tennessee Tech University with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Exercise Science. After finishing her bachelor’s degree at TTU, Amanda chose to continue her education at the Mind Body Institute in Nashville to earn her licensure in Massage Therapy. Amanda finished her certification in October of 2016 and began her own business-Restore Wellness- in May 2017. She continued to work in conjunction with other massage businesses in the Nashville area until she was able to build up her local cliental. She was able to transition into her own business full time in October of 2018. Around this same time, Amanda partnered with her sister, Sierra Wyatt, to add additional services to her business, which is now the Restore Wellness Salon and Spa located in Crossville. 

Reflexology Song

(Written by Amanda Smith)

Carol Ann Baily - Director

Dr. Baily earned a doctorate degree in Higher Education Administration from Peabody College of Vanderbilt University with a focus on adult learning and serving adult learners in higher education.   She then served as the director for Adult Student Services at Middle Tennessee State University for nearly 20 years.  She also held administrative positions at Tennessee State University, Cumberland University, Harding Academy, and Vanderbilt University prior to MTSU.   She was awarded the King-Hampton Award at MTSU for her service to women students and staff on campus as well as the William Kadel Award from Eckerd College for achievement in her career field. 

Dr. Baily taught French at Vanderbilt, TSU and MTSU throughout her administrative career.  She continues to teach conversational French in private classes using her own textbook entitled Aventures en France.  She also is a calligrapher and teaches calligraphy.