Through our school's training programs, public classes, reflexology clinic, and community outreach, we are:

Nashville Academy of Reflexology (NAR) offers a comprehensive certification program to prepare the aspiring student to become a qualified professional in the health field of Reflexology.  

We believe preparation for a hands-on profession is best learned by hands-on instruction in a small classroom setting of no more than eight students.  For this reason, the curriculum of this certification program consists of one-on-one reflexology instruction, training, and supervised practice in person on campus and out in the field. 

Contact School Director for more information: 

(615) 934-1034 - directorNAR@gmail.com

Nashville Academy of Reflexology, LLC is authorized for operation as a postsecondary

educational institution by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. This authorization must

be renewed each year and is based on an evaluation by minimum standards concerning quality of

education, ethical business practices, health and safety, and fiscal responsibility.