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We welcome you to make an appointment to visit the teaching location and discuss your future
in reflexology with our school director.
Call Dr. Carol Ann Baily to make arrangements at 615-934-1034.


Reflexology is an accessible bodywork career that can be adapted to many different settings and physical abilities. With NAR's professional training in proper ergonomics and body mechanics, one learns to administer effective reflexology techniques in an easeful and peaceful manner that result in a relaxing experience for both the client and the reflexologist.  
Our motto is: Less Stress Is Best.

Whether you are considering a career change, an augmentation to your current career, or are just starting out and are curious about the potential of becoming a Registered Certified Reflexologist, our training school can assist you with your goals. Below is a checklist to help you determine if Reflexology is a career suited to you.

A career as a Certified Reflexologist 
may be just right for you!

  • View a demo and explanation of foot and hand reflexology.
  • Find out information on reflexology as a career and the specific course of study and training we offer. 
  • ​See how affordable it is to become certified in reflexology to enter a new profession.
  • Take a look at our flexible schedules of classes and see how they may work for you – two
    evenings each week or two weekends each month.

  • For massage therapists, see how to benefit your clients and lengthen your bodywork career
    with reflexology. Your A&P credits in massage school may even transfer to NAR and grant you a
    discount on the tuition. You can even earn 20 or 36 CE hours towards your CE requirements
    while earning your certification in reflexology.

Come meet the school director,  Carol Ann Baily, EdD 
and observe a class in session or reflexology intern clinic.  
​If you have any questions about the Professional Reflexology Certification Program,
​please call Carol Ann Baily, Director, at 615-934-1034.