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Applied Aromatherapy Essentials Correspondence Course 6 CE $120  (Special Promotion $90 through Aug. 1) - Phase One

This Continuing Education Course provides an opportunity for the student to gain foundational knowledge of essential oil use and includes a home study manual by Instructor Gaia Tossing, LMT, RCR, Lifetime Certified C.A.R.E. Instructor. The home study phase of this course will cover:

ESSENTIAL OIL BASICS                                                      
What Essential Oils Are                                                                       
How Essential Oils are Extracted from the Plant                                                
The Difference Between Grades of Oils                                                                  
Historical and Modern Applications Brief History                                                    
Using Oils                                                                                                                
 -        Three Schools of Thought                                                                            
 -        Difference Between French and British Models Explored                            
Simple Essential Oil Chemistry                                                                               
Safety Considerations                                                                                      
Blending of Oils and Base Products                                                                                                                              
Proper Care of Oils 
Oils for Physical Applications
Oils for Emotional Applications

How to Take This Home Study Course: 
Simply apply and pay for this course and the manual will be sent to you.  Read and study the assigned pages and complete a quiz. A score of 70% will earn you a Continuing Education Certificate from Nashville Academy of Reflexology for 6 CE Hours.  With successful completion of this correspondence course, you are eligible to receive free online access to video demonstrations by the instructor of the techniques pictured in the manual.  
You may also choose to attend a Technique Lab Day in person with the instructor to experience hands-on training. 

~ Applied Aromatherapy Essentials Technique Lab 6 CE $100
(Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of the Applied Aromatherapy Essentials Correspondence Course from Nashville Academy of Reflexology)

Instructor: Gaia Tossing, LMT, RCR, LCCI
This class provides one-on-one guided practice of the application of essential oils. Learn effective Tibetan-style rolling finger techniques and feathering techniques that can be used for any body system. Experience the fragrance of 28 key essential oils and create your own blend.

This class will be scheduled 2 or more times per year to be determined by the instructor, based on the readiness of students.