NOTE: Masks are optional. If we need to reinstate a mask requirement, you will be notified.  Thank you for being considerate of our clients who may be at higher risk. Please do not come for an appointment if you have COVID symptoms or suspect you have been exposed.

Online Scheduling is open now for 

Tuesday Evening Clinics.

 First clinic is July 19, 2022. 

Appointment times:  6:30, 7:45. & 9p.

An up-to-date available schedule is posted at 

Fee is $25 for a 45-minute session.

NAR Reflexology Clinic will held at

Mind Body Institute, 1556 Crestview Dr.
​Madison, TN 37115

NAR Clinic phone: 615-987-0866


General Hours of Operation By Appointment

Intern Clinic  (Students)

NOTE: Intern Clinic hours depend upon when school is in session and class schedules which are variable.  

The Evening Schedule class will begin its clinic again in July 19,  2022.

Tuesday Evening Clinic appointments may be booked for 6:30 pm , 7:45 pm, 9:00 pm         

The Weekend Schedule Clinic will resume in September.

The Saturday and Sunday afternoon clinic appointments may be booked for 1:30 pm, 3:00 pm, and 4:30 pm.           


Inside Mind Body Institute, 1556 Crestview Dr., Madison, TN 37115 

Clinic Phone

What You Can Expect for Your Reflexology Session:

  • Fill out a brief client intake form on your first visit and update information on subsequent visits
  • Have a discussion with your Reflexologist about your goals for the session 
  • Receive Reflexology techniques applied in a professional manner to your comfort 
  • Education: Take home findings after your session and information on self-care
  • For student sessions, you will be asked to fill out a checklist evaluation to give valued feedback to your student reflexologist

We look forward to serving you!

Nashville Academy of Reflexology is pleased to offer the public the opportunity to experience foot and hand reflexology from its student interns and professional graduates during special clinic hours.  All sessions are by appointment and may be booked online. Read more or book now.  


     Our goal at Nashville Academy of Reflexology clinic is to provide a beneficial experience of reflexology to you, while giving our students the opportunity to hone their skills as they log their required intern clinic hours toward graduation. When you click the link you will be able to choose your appointment. A 45-minute reflexology session with a student intern is $25. (Students are not allowed to accept tips personally during their training.)  Each student session consists of 45 minutes of applied foot and/or hand reflexology including  the student intern explaining to you what active reflexes they discovered during the session.  We appreciate your participation as they fulfill their education requirements.  Read more or Book Now.

​Call Us:  (615) 934-1034