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Welcome to Middle Tennessee's Nashville Academy of Reflexology
- offering individual reflexology classes and full training courses to become a Certified Relexologist


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     Thank you for your interest.   We invite you to listen to the testimonials from our graduates, browse through our catalog, download our brochure (below), and contact us for more information on how you can get started in this exciting new career. 

Nashville Academy of Reflexology, LLC

4825 Trousdale Drive, Suite 222

Nashville, TN 37220  USA

(615) 647-7244

     Our NAR graduate reflexologists staff the Tuesday night weekly clinic from
6 - 9 pm.  You can expect a professional reflexology session.

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      An Authorized Reflexology School Providing Professional Career Training to Become a Registered Certified Reflexologist. Located near 100 Oaks Shopping Mall in South Nashville, our reflexology school provides a 320 hour professional certification program, a reflexology clinic open to the public, and community classes for continuing education.

     Nashville Academy of Reflexology holds to the values and professional standards set forth by the American Commission for Reflexology Education and Training (ACARET). Upon successful completion of our program a student will be eligible to apply to the Tennessee Reflexology Registry to become a Registered Certified Reflexologist.  Our program provides 220 hours in the classroom and 100 hours in supervised practicum (320 total contact hours).   Students will gain both the knowledge and skills required to take the national exam offered by the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB).  Although this exam is not required by the State of Tennessee, it sets our educational standards for the student who wishes to attain this benchmark of nationally recognized excellence.

    We are a staff of instructors with the goals of ensuring our student's success as reflexologists. 

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"This program has made a profound difference in my life. From the extensive knowledge of the instructors to the lifelong friends I have gained, the NAR experience was worth every penny." 

- Ashley Sparks, RCR 

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     Foot and Hand Reflexology is a health enhancing art and science based on the principle that reflex points, supportive of balance and wellness for all systems of the body, can be accessed and stimulated through specific reflex techniques applied to the feet and hands.  Reflexology is at the forefront of natural alternative therapies today. Current scientific research indicates that through the nervous system connections in the feet and hands, the brain can be alerted to imbalances in areas of the body that need attention. EEG studies show that stimulating these nervous connection points induces a receptive state of relaxation throughout body. Certified Reflexologists are taking their profession into nursing, caregiving, spas, wellness centers, clinics, doctor’s offices, health clubs, and private practice.  In the State of Tennessee, Reflexology is governed by the Health Related Board and our school operates under the authorization of the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.


Our Services

     Nashville Academy of Reflexology is pleased to offer the public the opportunity to experience reflexology from its students and graduates during special clinic hours.

Clinic News

       Nashville Academy of Reflexology (NAR) offers a comprehensive certification program to prepare the aspiring student to become a qualified professional in the health field of Reflexology.  We believe preparation for a hands-on profession is best learned by hands-on instruction.  For this reason, the curriculum of this certification program consists of instruction, training, and supervised practice in person with the instructor on campus and out in the field.  We are committed to providing students expert guidance and counseling as they navigate their way through their education and career opportunities with our caring, experienced staff.

   We offer our Professional Reflexology Certification program on three types of schedules. Students on the Fastrac Weekday Schedule can complete the program in less than five months, three days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).  The students coming in the evenings, three evenings a week (Mon., Wed., & Thurs.), can complete the program in just under six months.  Those selecting the Weekend Schedule will attend classes one weekend each month and can complete the program in 19 months.

Through the school's training programs, public classes, reflexology clinic, and community outreach, we are:

  • advocating for safe and effective reflexology
  • educating consumers and professionals on the facts about reflexology
  • training competent, caring, and highly qualified reflexologists
  • providing the experience of reflexology to the community

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