Yin Tui Na (4 CE)
Gaia Tossing, LMT, RCR
 Cost:  $60


 Forceless Spontaneous Release Method for Unhealed Injuries 

 Register with the school. Call 615-647-7244    


 Natural Healing Classes and Master Herbalist Classes

 Offered by Tess Fries, RCR,  Master Herbalist
 Heart of Natural Healing

 The classes listed here  are offered to anyone interested in learning more about natural healing and creating an optimum state of  wellness for themselves. They may be taken in any order aside from a few classes that require foundational instruction as noted.  All
 of these classes can be taken for Continuing Education/Professional Enhancement credit through NAR. Classes marked MHCP  are
​ required to become a Master Herbalist. The Master Herbalist program is not a NAR program.  

 Please contact instructor, Tess  Fries, for more details at (931) 334-4347

 "A Master Herbalist is one who uses things in their natural state to assist the body and mind  in self-healing. A Vitalist is one who  believes that we are self-healing, self-regulating organisms and that we are created with an inborn intelligence that sustains every  vital aspect of our life.  As a Master Herbalist and a Vitalist, all of my classes reflect instruction and mentoring I received from  Master Herbalists and great teachers such as Dr. John R. Christopher, David Christopher, James Duke, Dr.Richard Schulze,  Christopher Hobbs, as well as the knowledge and wisdom I have gained from 15 years of working with hundreds of clients and  teaching thousands of students. I look forward to sharing all of this with you and our adventure together!"   Tess Fries

  Please register for all the following classes directly with Tess Fries. 

  CE Credit Available                                                                                                                                  Download Classes list here 

​  Tess Fries   Call:  (931) 334-4347                       


  2017 Herbalist Classes & Master Herbalist Certification Program Schedule
  Tess Fries, Master Herbalist 931-334-4347 (call for information and to register)

Nutrition and Healing
  8:00-12:00 Saturdays, January 28, May 13, September 23 $100 4 CEU’s
  This class explores the physiological effects of foods we eat and how they heal, help or hinder body
  processes and function. We will talk about nutritional needs, how to meet them and how to absorb
  nutrients more efficiently. Includes discussion about and recipes for green drinks,
rejuvelac and bowel cleansing.

  Natural Laws of Healing
  12:30 - 2:30 Saturdays, January 28, May 13, September 23 $50 2 CEU’s
  Understand the fascinating and important part water, sunshine/light, air, rest and exercise play in
  creating a better internal healing environment and how to best implement them into your lifestyle.

The Mind / Body Connection
  3:00 - 5:00 Saturdays, January 28, May 13, September 23 $50 2 CEU’s
  This class delves into the chemical and physical reactions of our emotions and our thoughts and the
  enormous impact these have on our health and wellbeing. Learn simple actions we can take to greatly
  improve our emotional and physical state.

Cleansing and Detoxing
  1:00 - 3:00 Sundays, January 29, May 14, September 24 $50 2 CEU’s
  Learn why and how to cleanse, detox and heal our bodies with foods, herbs, exercise and other natural
  aids. Herbal formulas and recipes are included.

  Kitchen Medicine
  3:30 - 5:30 Sundays, January 29, May 14, September 24 $50 2 CEU’s
  Discover the simple, effective remedies you have in your spice cabinet and refrigerator that could help
  your heartburn, headaches and more…… or even save your life!

  Body Systems / Herbal Supports 1
  8:00 - 1:00 Saturdays, February 25, June 24, October 28 $125 5 CEU’s
  Discuss basic body system functions and the herbs that support healing each system. This class
  investigates identification/growth locations, historical information and use, current healing applications
  and contraindications for the following herbs:
  Blood cleansing herbs; Herbs that eliminate parasites and worms; Herbs that strengthen
  tissues; Herbs that help tone and clean the intestines; Perspiration inducing and nerve
  influencing herbs; Urinary system cleansing and supporting herbs

  Body Systems /Herbal Supports 2
  1:30 - 6:30 Saturdays, February 25, June 24, October 28 $125 5 CEU’s
  Discuss basic body system functions and the herbs that support healing each system. This class
  investigates identification/growth locations, historical information and use, current healing applications
  and contraindications for the following herbs:
  Female balancing herbs; Herbs that help to clean and strengthen the lungs; Herbs that calm,
  soothe and assist in rebuilding the nerves; Herbs that stimulate or sedate and assist the
  circulatory and nervous systems; Herbs that strengthen and balance the entire body

  Herbal Preparations (Making Herbal Medicine)
  1:00 - 5:00 Sundays, February 26, June 25, October 29 $150 4 CEU’s
  This is a hands on workshop. Understand details of herbal preparations, herbal administration
  options/advantages and disadvantages, and dosages. Make and take home 4 different tinctures, an
  oxymel, a liniment, and an infused oil. Learn how to make poultices, suppositories, salves, boluses,
  capsules, decoctions, fomentations, casts, washes and more.

  Natural Therapies / Emergency First Aid 1
  8:00 - 12:00 Saturdays, March 25, July 22, November 11 $100 4 CEU’s
  Learn about the four items you should always have on hand for emergencies as well as herbal and
  natural remedies and therapies for common and emergency situations. Learn how to make a natural
  first aid kit. From colds to heart attacks, be prepared for just about anything!

  Natural Therapies / Emergency First Aid 2
  12:30 - 4:30 Saturdays, March 25, July 22, November 11 $100 4 CEU’s
  ** Prerequisite: Natural Therapies / Emergency First Aid 1
  Continuation of Natural Therapies and Emergency First Aid 1. Includes hydrotherapy.

  The Medicinal Herb Garden
  1:00 - 5:00 Sundays, March 26, July 23, November 12 $100 4 CEU’s
  Explore the historical and scientifically proven Doctrine of Signatures for easy plant use knowledge.
  Discuss planning, planting, troubleshooting, and harvesting an herb garden. Discussion includes
  harvesting barks and how to dry and store your herbs, seeds, and barks. We will look into business
  ideas from your gardens, big or small, and natural pest remedies.

  Healing Protocols 1
  8:00 - 1:00 Saturdays, April 22, August 26, December 9 $125 5 CEU’s
  ** Prerequisites: All previous classes except Kitchen Medicine & Medicinal Herb Garden
  Learn about The Incurables Program and how to tailor it for every circumstance. This class covers
  childhood conditions/diseases as well as migraines, gerd, fibromyalgia, bowel disorders, thyroid
  conditions, chronic fatigue, depression, lupus and much more. Must attend prerequisite classes.

  Healing Protocols 2
  1:30 - 6:30 Saturdays, April 22, August 26, December 9 $125 5 CEU’s
  ** Prerequisites: All previous classes except Kitchen Medicine & Medicinal Herb Garden
  This class covers natural helps for gout, Lyme disease, blood pressure, circulatory and heart disorders,
  prostate problems, emphysema and lung disorders, arthritis, strokes, nerve disorders, neuromuscular
  conditions, cancers and much more. Must attend prerequisite classes.

  Fertility, Pregnancy and Childbirth
  1:00 - 5:00 Sundays, April 23, August 27, December 10 $100 4 CEU’s
  ** Prerequisites: All previous classes except Kitchen Medicine & Medicinal Herb Garden
  Discuss protocols for menstrual difficulties, infertility, reproductive problems and menopause as well
  as herbs and natural therapies for a healthy pregnancy, labor and delivery.
Must attend prerequisite classes.


CE Classes


Open Houses 

 Applied Aromatherapy (12 CE)   

 Instructor: Gaia Tossing, LMT, RCR 
 Cost:  $200


     Weekday Schedule:
​     TBA​

​     Weekend Schedule: 



The following course is repeated quarterly.
Please Contact Us for details.  (615) 934-1034

  Idea Mapping Class - Mind Skills for Success   4 CE
  Instructor:  Carol Ann Baily, Ed.D

  When:   TBA

  Cost:  $60

  Learn how to use the concept of Idea Mapping as a    
  business tool for strategizing and study tool for  learning.     Gain an understanding of how to map out  advertising  
  campaigns, brochures, events. Learn a  proven mind skill  
  that can improve your memory  retention from education  
  classes or subjects you are  studying.  Instructor Dr. Carol  
  Ann Baily will provide  the materials to help you acquire  
​  this technique and  apply it to your area of interest. ​

    Register with the school   


 TN Law & Ethics for LMTs     (4 CE)

 Certified Instructor:  Mary Glesige, LMT​​
 Cost:  $60


      Monday, June 26, 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


 Register with Instructor: Mary Glesige  (615) 596-9355


Certified Instructor:  Debra Martin, RCR,
                                      American Red Cross Certified Instructor
 Cost:  $75
 When:    Tuesday, October 17th,       5:30 pm - 9:30 pm
​                 Thursday, November 2nd,  9:00 am - 1:00 pm
​                 Sunday, January 21, 2018,   9:00 am - 1:00 pm
 Description: CPR Completion Certificate and card will be  awarded by the Red Cross.  

 A Continuing Education Certificate will be  issued by Nashville  Academy of Reflexology. 

Contact NAR to register: Call 615-647-7244       

or  Email:      

 Advanced Reflexology Protocols
     for Body Systems
 (6 CE)

 Instructor: Gaia Tossing, LMT, RCR
 Cost:  $105
When:  TBA

 Explore the direct reflexes and helper reflexes for each body system and how to integrate them into protocols.

 For more info or to register, call or email Gaia Tossing: 615-496-3366


Informational Open Houses with FREE CE* Class

Come visit our school to learn more about our reflexology certification programs and enjoy a free informative talk and demonstration on reflexology for the vitality reflexes.

If you are an LMT looking for continuing education, 
you will be awarded a 2 CE certificate for your attendance. 
The public is welcome.  

Open Houses at NAR

Friday, November 17th, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

with Free CE Class

"Intro to Reflexology" 
presented by Gaia Tossing, RCR, LMT
during the first hour
A Continuing Education Certificate for 2 CE 
will be available upon request.  

If you need a CE certificate, 
please let us know you are coming.

*NOTE to LMT's: 
To receive a FREE CE, you must register with 
your name, license number, email, and phone number.  
Please call Gaia at 615-647-7244.

Find out more about the career of a certified reflexologist and our 
320-hour professional reflexology certification program.

Where: Nashville Academy of Reflexology
   4825 Trousdale Dr., Suite 222, Nashville, TN 37220

Instructor: Gaia Gail Tossing, Registered Certified Reflexologist,
Licensed Massage Therapist, and Founder of
Nashville Academy of Reflexology.

 Sound, Color, Light    (4 CE)

 Certified Instructor:  Gaia Tossing, LMT, RCR​​
 Cost:  $60

      Thursday, July 27, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

      Saturday, September 16th,  9:00 am - 1:00 pm

 Contact NAR to register: Call 615-647-7244      

 or  Email:     

 Applied Meridian Theory 2-Day Course (16 CE)

 Instructor: Linda Nunn, LMT
 Cost:  $240


    Weekday 5-day Series:

     Weekend Series:


 Cranio Flex - Intro to Craniosacral        
(6 CE)

 An Introduction to CranioSacral Reflexology (6 CE) 
 Instructor: Jan Schim, LMT, Craniosacral Practitioner



 Register with the school. 615-647-7244 
​ or  Email: 

  Reflexology Rules, Regs,  & Ethics    (4 CE)

  Instructor:  Jan Schim, LMT
  Cost:  $60
  When:  Sunday, November 19th,  2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

  Contact Instructor to register: Call 615-596-9355      

 Seven Laws of Natural Health    (4 CE)                                             ​
 Certified Instructor:  Tess Fries, RCR​ Master Herbalist
 Cost:  $60
 When:  TBA


 Contact NAR to register: Call 615-647-7244      

 or  Email:     

Open House

 Hydrotherapy for the Feet     (4 CE)

 Certified Instructor:  Jan Schim, LMT​​
 Cost:  $60

 When:   TBA


 Contact NAR to register: Call 615-647-7244      

 or  Email:     

 Instructor: Gaia Tossing, FCCI, LMT, RCR 

 Cost:  Full Intensive Package 3 days (25 hours) $700 U.S. 
            Save $190 from taking classes separately.
 When:  Friday, Dec. 15th  -  Sunday, Dec. 17th, 2017
 25 CE Credit Hours through NCBTMB

​  Individual Classes:
      • Intro to CARE Certification Program Friday, Dec. 15, 9 am - 10 am
      • Essential Oil Chemistry (6 CE) $220 - Part One: Friday, Dec. 15, 10 am - 1 pm, Part Two: Sunday, Dec. 17, 9 am - 12 pm
      • Applied Vita Flex (4 CE) $140 - Fri., Dec. 15, 2 pm - 6 pm
      • Raindrop Technique (8 CE) $320 - Sat. Dec. 16, 8 am - 5 pm
      • Anointing Oils of Ancient Scripture (2 CE) $40 - Sat., Dec. 16, 6 pm - 8 pm
      • Emotional Release (5 CE) $170 - Sun,, Dec. 17, 1 pm - 6 pm 
 This will be a three-day seminar in Raindrop, Vitaflex, Chemistry, Emotional Release and Anointing Oils of the Bible - 
 25 hours in practical applications of essential oils as well as  25 CE hours of continuing education for body workers (NCBTMB) and 
​ 2.5 CEUs  for  health care providers. 

​Call Us:  (615) 647-7244

 Essential Reflexology Theory and Technique Intensive

 Instructor: Gaia (Gail) Tossing, LMT, RCR 
 Cost:  $280  (20 CE)   (First 2 Hours are Free)
 When: November 17-19, 2017

  • Friday 7 pm - 9 pm - FREE
  • Saturday 8 am - 6 pm 
  • Sunday 8 am - 6 pm

 Call soon for more information and to reserve your spot.           
 Are you ready for a foot reflexology course with expert training?   Would you like to learn these profound reflexology techniques  which take hands-on bodywork to deeper healing possibilities? I have designed a consolidated course that prepares you to    confidently apply quality reflexology for your clients or loved ones.
 If this kind of bodywork inspires you, I hope you will consider letting us help you obtain professional training in our authorized  school.  You will receive a Continuing Education Certificate suitable for framing worth 20 CE Hours for TN State Licensure.  If you  choose, you can apply these hours in our school for credit toward our 320 hour full certification program.  


 Interested and want more info?  

 We welcome you to Call 615-647-7244                  

 or  Email:       

 Raindrop Harmonics Phase I (12 CE NCBTMB)

 Instructor: Gaia Tossing, LMT,
                     Certified Raindrop Harmonics  Coach
 Cost:  $295
 When: Sat. Oct 14th - Sun. Oct. 15th, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

 Prerequisite: Basics of Raindrop Technique or CARE
                         Raindrop Training

 ​This hands-on seminar will cover Vibrational Raindrop  Technique and Vibrational VitaFlex using essential oils and  tuning forks.  Cost includes class notes and oils for use in  class. Tuning forks for the Classic Raindrop will be available  for use in class and purchase.

 Please contact instructor directly for further information and  to register:  615-496-3366,

Nashville Academy of Reflexology welcomes the community to join regularly scheduled classes in our school curriculum  for their own personal education.  All of the following classes are also available to massage therapists for Continuing Education hours toward their license requirements. 

New classes are continually being added and others may be re-scheduled as needed.  

 Basics of Raindrop Technique (4 CE)

 Instructor: Gaia Tossing, LMT, RCR, Lifetime Certified CARE Instructor, Certified Raindrop Harmonics Coach
 Cost:  $75
 When:  Friday, Sept. 29, 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

 Learn the theory and practice the manual anointing techniques employed in Raindrop Technique.
 For more info or to register, call or email Gaia Tossing: 615-496-3366

 Hand Reflexology Weekend Seminar  (12 CE)

 Instructor: Gaia (Gail) Tossing, LMT, RCR
 Cost: $180


 Weekend Schedule: 


 Understand reflexology and the differences in techniques when it is applied to the hand. Recognize the stress indicators in the  hand. Learn the hand map and a relaxing, tune-up routine on the hands for balancing the whole body.

​NEW Master Class  (4 CE)

Simultaneous Bilateral Stimulation (SBS) Technique ®

Originated by Gaia Tossing, Registered Certified Reflexologist and founder of Nashville Academy of Reflexology.

This foot reflexology technique enables the reflexologist to stimulate both sides of the brain simultaneously for a swifter balancing effect. Gaia developed this technique to help her husband who has Parkinson's Disease and has since been teaching it at her reflexology school with excellent results. The technique effectively addresses both feet in about half the time of a normal full session and yet provides a completely satisfying experience for the client.  

Must be a Certified Reflexologist, a Licensed Massage Therapist with 25 hours minimum training specifically in foot reflexology, Someone who completed our NAR Essential Reflexology 25 hour course or equivalent hands-on reflexology course, or instructor approval.

Gaia Tossing, RCR, LMT

 Sunday, September 17th, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

              Saturday, October 21st, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Nashville Academy of Reflexology, 4825 Trousdale Dr., Suite 222, Nashville, TN 37220

Cost: $100  
(Class size is limited. Seats are secured with payment)

To Register: Call 615-496-3366 or email:


 Hot Stone Reflexology     (4 CE)

 Certified Instructor:  Jan Schim, LMT​​
 Cost:  $60

 Contact NAR to register: Call 615-647-7244      

 or  Email:     

 NEW! Reflex Linking (4 CE)

 Instructor: Gaia Tossing, LMT, RCR
 Cost:  $60
​       Sunday, September 17th, 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

 Reflex Linking - Learn to link active reflexes with helper reflexes and zonal triggers for added benefit.

For more info or to register, call or email Gaia Tossing: 615-496-3366